A warm, nurturing, and homelike setting, a caring adult, and a rhythmic schedule provide a gentle and secure transition from home. The life of imagination and creativity is richly developed through meaningful activities, healthy play, as well as natural, handmade toys and materials.

     As young children are open to all that surrounds them, special care is given to create a beautiful, unhurried, and protective environment and atmosphere while the adult, in attitudes, speech, and gestures, strives to be worthy of the children’s imitation.

    By experiencing the living world through play and imagination, young children explore the possibility of life and create the world anew each day. Under the gentle guidance of the adult, a balanced is acheived between more active pursuits such as sailing, building houses, going on adventures and more receptive activities such as painting, drawing, listening to stories or watching puppet shows.

      Striving to connect the child to the earth’s rhythms, natural beauty, and respect for all life, we aim to kindle a sense of wonder, reverence and gratitude in them.

      Early childhood education is not intellectual learning which is meant for later, but laying a foundation of wholesome human qualities that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.