The day begins with the main lesson, concentrating on one subject for a 3 to 5 week period. This study is enlivened by related activities such as reciting, singing, recorder playing, or movement.

      Skills, subjects, and concepts are introduced when they are suitable to the children’s developmental stages. An appropriate content and approach are implemented for each grade level. The uniqueness of the Waldorf curriculum lies primarily in how and when the children are taught, rather than in what is taught.

       Waldorf education emphasizes creativity and reverence for nature and for human existence. We strive to awaken and ennoble capacities, rather than to merely impose intellectual content on the children. A comprehensive academic, artistic, and practical curriculum presented in a supportive atmosphere is meant to develop positive, well-rounded, and resourceful individuals in whom capacities have been created that can be developed in later life. Learning becomes much more than the acquisition of quantities of information. It becomes an engaging voyage of discovery of the world and of oneself, through which the outer world and inner self are encountered.