Being the most important job there is, parenting is an immensely transformative experience in our adult lives, affording an opportunity to examine our own values, attitudes, and ways of being in the world.

       It is out of respect for this enormous potential for growth in both parents and children that our Parent-Child Groups are designed to support parents of young children in their important role as the child´s first teacher.

       This warm space nurtures both adult and child, providing an opportunity that allows the child to just be and parents to be consciously present with their children away from the distraction of a busy life.

       Besides new skills that can be taken back into their homes, this introduction to Waldorf early childhood education also gives parents a sense of how to support their children during these crucial early years, the foundations of which will sustain them on their parenting journey. 

       The classes are held twice a week for two hours a morning for 2-3.5 year-olds and once a week for 1.5-2 year-olds. During the morning parents enjoy companionship with other families and guidance in creating a home life that encourages a growing child’s natural, wholesome development, facilitated by an experienced Waldorf early childhood educator.