The school functions as a close community and seeks to foster a close relationship between school and home. Panyotai  encourages parents to care for their children in a healthy way and to be involved in the life of the school community. Parents are invited to festivals, while regular class meetings and parent-teacher conferences help parents and teachers work together more closely so that our efforts at school are supported and enhanced at home, leading to the best interest of our children.

      Impressed by the teachers' commitment and dedication, parents try to contribute in whatever ways they can, such as organizing fundraising events and volunteering services.  Strong support from parents has been a major force in sustaining the school.  This spirit of harmony and cooperation we have created continues to inspire our children everyday. 

     As an independent school, we are almost totally funded by private resources from tuitions and contributions. The economic commitment of parents and friends, as well as voluntary service, provide as essential element of the school's foundation.  Contributions to the school also help us to maintain a financial aid policy which insures the possibility of Waldorf education to all our students and the continued diversity of our student body.