The Panyotai School develops ethical, practical and resourceful human beings. Every stage of learning reaches beyond the presentation of facts or learning skills to allowing self-education and to create capacities that can be manifested in later life. By means of awakening the mind, enlivening the heart and engaging the hands, over the course of a child's years at Panyotai, capacities are drawn

forth in each student which will enable him or her to feel deeply and to experience compassion, courage, reverence; to think clearly and creatively; and to act and work in a free and morally responsible way for oneself as well as for the benefit of humankind and the earth. 

     The entire 12 years of school is conceived as a unity. The rich and balanced curriculum is structured with the growing child in mind. Grade by grade, following the developmental stages of childhood, the curriculum mirrors the inner development of the child, thereby making the educational experience relevant and meaningful.

     From first grade on, the use of languages, music, art, games and handwork support students as they study math, science and the humanities. It's all carefully woven together, connecting each subject to the others. All learning becomes a gateway to understanding the world and the self. For us, the students' acheivements are not measured by how much they know and can do or where they can further their education, far more significant is how they develop as human beings.