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I Dreamed a Dream

      Songs of dreams, hope, and inspiration by the upper school students in another event marking 20 years of Panyotai on 5 February 2017.



20 years of Panyotai

   CommemoratIng 20 years of Panyotai in bringing Waldorf education to local children, the upper school students perform traditional music and dance on 3 September 2016.





Panyotai Overture II

   Thai music and dance by Panyotai 8-12 graders at the Institute of Administration Development on 24 March 2013.


The Journey of Happiness

    Three classes of Panyotai graduates performed in a themed concert "The Journey of Happiness" to raise fund for the school's new buildings on 2 August 2012.





90  Years of  Waldorf  Education

     Celebration of 90 years of Waldorf education hosted by the Network of Waldorf Education in Thailand at Chulalongkorn University on 4-5 September, 2009.




UNESCO World Youth Festival  and the Youth Convention

    Panyotai 12 graders participated in the UNESCO World Youth Festival and the Youth Convention in Germany from 19-26 July 2009.












World Teachers Conference

   Panyotai 7-10 graders performed at the World Teachers Conference in Dornach , Switzerland on 25 March 2008




Panyotai Overture

  Thai music and dance by  Panyotai 7-10 graders at Kasetsart University on 16 March 2008



Asian Teachers Conference

     Panyotai 7- 9 graders performed at the Asian Teachers Conference hosted in Thailand by Panyotai  from 29 April – 4 May 2007.









Thai Music

     Panyotai 4-6 graders performed Thai music prior to the Thai classical drama at the National Theatre on 29 November 2003.





   Panyotai 3-5 graders performed Thai music prior to the "Light…Darkness…Love" eurythmy by the Sekem Ensemble from Switzerland at the National Theatre on 14 July 2002.


Thai Flute

      Panyotai 4 graders played the national anthem with Thai flute prior to the eurythmy performance by the Else Klink Ensemble from Germany on 23 November 2001



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