"That's the way children should be!" This is often what visitors say when they come to the Panyotai Waldolf School. They are amazed and surprised to see all the children with bright eyes and happy faces joyfully playing in the beautiful green natural setting 

   In the early years before nine years, students at Panyotai may not read and write at the same pace as children of the same age at other schools. However, our children can play the recorder and know how to knit. They can also greet in English and Mandarin. In addition, theyhave better hand skills, dexterity, and more dynamic coordination with their body. Once Panyotai's children have developed strong basic reading and writing skills, they will love reading without various efforts at finding motivation for them to read.

      As teenagers, our children are obviously uniquely confident and conscientious. Their youthful innocence is still noticeable. They do not look like other modern teenagers. Both their clothing and behavior are different. They do not prematurely enter their adulthood mimicking the latest idols of popular culture.  Students in the high school behave the way youth at this age are supposed to act, and they become mature when it is natural, when it is appropriate to behave like an adult. This is the opposite of some other youths who become childish when they should be mature, and become adult-like in many behaviors when they are supposed to behave like youthful adolescents.

      During their work experiences throughout Thailand, Panyotai's students are often admired for their responsibility, sincere intentions, remarkable learning skills, good work ethic and even their cheerfulness.

     Our students soon realize they are ready to learn new things, which they have never done before. They find out they are profoundly well prepared for life and becoming life-long learners.